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                [ News - Group]

                Mountain & waterfall: Higold family Baishui Villiage tour

                2017-8-8 17:12:32



                24th, June
                Baishui villiage, Zengcheng
                1000 employees of Higold group went to Baishui villiage for the tour
                It's looks like a dragon by wearing Higold standard blue uniform
                which perfectly match with the sound of waterfall
                It's a carnival belong to Higold employees

                Passing by ancestral hall and each family
                Laughting sounds echoed in ghaut of the mountain
                Surveing 428 meters waterflow
                Enjoy the time in the heaven pool

                What a wonderful time
                What a beautiful view and mood
                That's a complete relax
                It's a culture heritage of Higold group

                Through this trip, the friendrelationship of each Higold  family member
                has been go a step further

                the leader of innovation in kitchen functional hardware  and out-door furniture industry
                We care people, especially for the talented people
                Sharing spirit already became the important culture of Higold
                We will continuestly deeply operating this culture
                and feedback to the society by creating the better products through our outstanding team



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